The Plastics Industry 2025: Future Challenges

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Keynote 1 The Plastics Industry 2025: Future Challenges

Dipl.-Ing. Sven Wolf gives your insights in research and develops strategic targets for implementation together with you.

Keynote: Sven Wolf
Engineer and Managing Director
Leistritz Extrusionstechnik GmbH

Global plastics consumption is to increase to between 400 and 500 million tons in 2030. World population increase poses increasing demands on hygienic packaging for foods, medication and medical accessories such syringes or infusion equipment, electronic devices and components for the automotive, construction and power generation industries. At the same time, plastics poses a threat tot he environment, making it both indispensable and dangerous. The situation points to the only feasible approach: recycling and upcycling instead of producing more and more virgin material. The notion of a circular economy addresses this issue and challenges the industry to find new ways of re-using plastics as a valuable raw material.

Extrusion technology plays a distinctive role in helping the industry come up with new solutions and reducing waste.

Duration: ca. 30 minutes

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Questions to the Speaker

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